A Year Without Homework

The Great Year Without Homework Experiment

I am tired of homework. I don't like creating it, checking it, creating consequences and rewards for doing it or not, and investing my precious class time in going over it or teaching the students how to do it- especially when I continue to have doubts as to who will actually do it and if it will come back to me.

Parents are tired of homework.  Many parents get off work, pick their child up at their after school care program, have time enough to cook dinner, and then it's nearly bedtime.  Squeezing homework into that time is a challenge. Squeezing complicated assignments, irrelevant tasks, or busywork into that time adds stress to families. 

So I am going to go a year without homework.  Instead, each week I am going to send home a helpful note of suggested activities a parent may do with their child, if they choose. This website will document some of this experiment, as well as contain the various activities I plan on sending home each week.

Each month, I will include a math, science, reading, writing or social studies note.  I have 38 notes created or borrowed, enough for an entire school year.  Even if you must give out homework, perhaps these notes and activities will be useful to the families in your class.